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    1. Language: Chineseline English

      Bottle arranging machine

      • Bottle arranging machine2200
      Bottle arranging machine2200

      Bottle arranging machine2200

      Main performance characteristics:

      The automatic bottle arranging machine is a set of equipment for filling soft drinks, which is used to arrange disorderly PET bottles neatly to the production line. To improve production efficiency.
      The rotating cylinder and the contact part with the bottle are made of high quality stainless steel. The frame part is welded with high quality carbon steel, and the surface is rust-proof and sprayed. Electrical and pneumatic systems use imported parts, which have low failure rate and high stability.
      1. Simple appearance, beautiful, novel structure, unique, easy maintenance. Frequency conversion speed regulation drive precise synchronization, digital display work output, automatic high-speed operation, easy to connect with various filling machines or filling lines.
      2. The specially designed drop groove can adapt to bottles with small size difference without changing the drop groove, thus saving investment. For example, if the diameter of the bottle is the same, but the length of the bottle is changed by 30 mm, it is not necessary to replace the drop slot, but only to adjust the drop slot properly. However, when the diameter and length of the bottle are changed, some parts need to be replaced to adapt to the larger bottle shape.
      3. The lower part of the barrel body is provided with a maintenance outlet to facilitate the maintenance personnel to enter the bottom of the machine. Inside the cabinet is an overhaul lamp.
      4. Perfect safety precautions are provided. When the maintenance door is opened, the machine can not start. Manual operators can be used to control the machine at this time.
      5. The turntable of the bottle-arranging machine is equipped with a bottle-jamming detector, which can effectively protect the safety of the machine. It is equipped with a fault indicator and a touch screen to show the cause of the fault.
      6. The main motor adjusts speed through man-machine interface, which can set production speed conveniently, and can start and stop automatically according to the condition of bottles in the air duct.
      1. Main technical parameters and instructions of bottle processing machine:
      Main technical parameters:
      Production capacity: 12000-15000 bottles/hour (standard 330ml-550ml)
      Applicable bottle diameter: 28-125
      Available bottle height: 150mm-340mm
      Host size: 2200mm * h1950mm.
      Hoist size: 2800*1250*2610
      Whole machine weight: about 1300 kg
      Voltage: 380V/50HZ/60HZ three-phase four-wire system
      Power: 3kw
      Gas source: 0.5P
      Production Line Height: According to the height of filling production line manufacturing (adjustment range 100mm)

      1. equipment process
      Bottle Storage Bottle Douglas Bottle Slip to Bottle Out Wind Channel
      The beverage PET bottle is loaded into the hoist bucket by the bottle storage bin or manual assistance, lifted to the main cylinder by the transdermal belt, driven by the guide bottle piece, and then corrected by the bottle tipper, and connected to the next working procedure through the slideway into the air supply track.
      2. structural characteristics
      2.1 lifting mechanism
      The whole working process of bottle arranging machine and hoist is automatically completed by PLC
      The lifting mechanism is composed of bottle hopper, lifting belt and frame. The operation and stop of the motor of the lifting mechanism are controlled by PLC.
      2.2 row bottle mechanism
      The bottle-discharging mechanism consists of a main engine, a fan and a bottle-discharging mechanism. The main engine feeds the bottle into the work station, and the bottle is turned over by a bottle-turner, and then the PET bottle is sent to the air-conveying track through the outlet.
      3. Installation and commissioning of equipment
      The company will send professional engineers to take part in open-box acceptance and installation at your designated time. They will be responsible for equipment debugging and training machine operators to master the machine skillfully, and the equipment will be debugged to normal operation. The commissioning will be successful within 30 hours if the external conditions such as power supply and air source permit.
      When the equipment leaves the factory, it is packed separately: the installation of the equipment is carried out according to the original layout of the workshop. Use foot bolts to fix the equipment, adjust the bottom bolts of the equipment to keep level and make the equipment stable and reliable.
      Clean indoor air and compressed air must be ensured to avoid contamination of bottles.
      After the static installation of the equipment, the fastener must not be loosened, the bearing should be lubricated, then the power supply should be connected, the switch should be turned on to check the direction of the motor, the equipment should be started after checking the correct operation, and the equipment should be empty and fully checked. The parameters can be adjusted after the equipment is normal.
      II. After-sales Quality Assurance
      Welcome your company to choose the equipment produced by our company. Thank you warmly for your constant support for Hebei's outstanding machinery and equipment over the years. We have always been proud of the excellent quality of machinery and equipment. We guarantee that all outstanding equipment will be excellent and durable under normal operating conditions. During the warranty period, the company will be responsible for taking necessary remedial measures to protect the rights and interests of customers if there is any damage to the products.
      We will ensure the quality of the equipment with advanced design and excellent material to fully meet your company's use requirements; responsible for maintenance, since the date of equipment installation, our products will be free on-site maintenance service for 12 months, and spare parts will be replaced free of charge.
      Maintenance response time: In case of technical problems and operational failures during the use of equipment, the engineers of the company will give timely answers by telephone. If the problem can not be solved, the company promises to arrive at the site within 24 hours from the receipt of customer notification and repair it in the shortest time.

      Selection of Electrical Configuration List
      Component name
      Place of Origin
      Main motor
      3 stations
      New diamond
      3 stations
      Silver Ox
      Speed regulating motor
      2 stations
      Vibrating motor
      1 stations
      Constant margin
      Main motor frequency converter
      3 stations
      Photoelectric switch
      Otto Nikos
      The Republic of Korea
      Touch screen
      Vinyl link
      Intermediate relay
      Thermal overload protector
      Emergency stop button
      Two bit rotary switch
      Switching Mode Power Supply
      Pneumatic components
      Solid state relay


      Contact: Guo Manager

      Phone: 18132326655

      Tel: 0310-6566620

      Email: 441520902@qq.com

      Add: Handan City, Hebei Province, the capital city of the capital city industrial city

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